How to Protect Your Jewelry

As wearable technology evolves, more technology companies are cooperating with jewellery makers and designers to stay smart jewelry at the forefront of style.

And it is not only with all the wise watch. We are starting to find wearable technology that is not even identifiable as such at first glance — it is just as amazing as high-end nice jewelry.

Jewelers Mutual is pleased to offer repair or replacement policy for jewelry that is smart, in precisely the exact same level and for exactly the very same perils as all additional jewelry we guarantee.

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Insurance to Your Smart antiques

Jewelers Mutual provides the exact same level of policy for clever jewelry (like smart watches) because we do to the rest of the parts of jewelry. You get same type and quality replacement or repair for jewellery that’s:


And, like always, policy travels with you globally.


Smart jewellery is a type of wearable technologies which comprises any wearable made to be worn around the body in exactly the exact same fashion as conventional jewelry. This includes classes such as necklaces, rings, watches, watches and cuff links.

Thorough repair and replacement policy in Jewelers Mutual contains security against accidental loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance, kinds of policies not necessarily found in normal guarantees or security programs.

For every one of these kinds of harm or loss, it is going to be replaced or repaired, by means of the gardener or maker of your own choice, together with same type and quality — up to the amount it costs to fix or replace the merchandise or the amount you’ve selected to cover the product for.

What is not included in policy?

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Jewelers Mutual doesn’t insure damage or loss to personalized information or customized applications. Fundamentally, we pay for the whole physical thing, but not the information that it homes.
What happens when there is a newer version available when I hurt or get rid of mine?

The same as regular jewellery, we pay for the replacement or repair of same type and quality as the first. If you would like to update to the newest version at the time of your claim, you are responsible to cover the gap, just as you’d be if you wished to update the gems on your engagement ring.

As always, we invite everyone to thoroughly review their policy choices before choosing which protection process is ideal for them.

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